help needed setting up an arduino and imu

hello all,

I am starting my senior ME project (the team is building formation flying quad copters) and am foreign to the world of ardiunos. I bought a arduino mega ( ) and a imu stick ( to measure position and orientation. There are four pin holes one the imu labeled; scl, sda, gnd, and vcc. I was able to find the gnd means ground, vcc is voltage and the stick needs 3.3v ( i think), scl is the clock, and sda is the data from the IMU.

I am unsure how to connect the imu to the arduino and how to view the readings on my computer.

Also there will be two cs/ee guys joining us in the fall.


Welcome to the Arduinoworld

SCL SDA indicate I2C bus, you need to read about these commands - -

an in depth description - -