HELP NEEDED: Sockets and sending serial info over the web to an Arduino????

I have a question: I built an Arduino serial joystick project. And what I'm trying to do now is find a reliable way to broadcast the serial information from the joystick over the internet where a second computer or the Arduino itself captures the info (a struct of ints) and controls a few servos.

What i have now (using python) I am able to use TCP Sockets to a dns server and ping the same computer (so the server and client script are running on my mac) and everything works great (or greater than expected). BUT when I try to run the server/client on two different machines i get a pickle load EOFError. I'm not even sure if this is the way I'm supposed to do this (I've only been programming in python for about 3 weeks total)

Do you have any suggestions on how i can send Joystick information from one computer to another computer (anywhere on the net - RELIABLY) that has my Arduino project attached to it.

I'm using pySerial, pyGame libraries to get the joystick information.

Can you please help a Noob?

Keith PS here is a video of it working before the TCPIP hack job: