Help needed to build library for VL53L1X, can pay if we can get it to work

Hi guys,

I've got some of these new VL53L1X Time Of Flight chips and they work with the X-NUCLEO-53L1A1 dev board but i want to get it working with a Pro Micro for a project I am working on but there isn't currently a library available.

There is a library for the VL53L0X but i have been trying to understand how the library is built but I'm not too familiar with C.

I'm willing to pair program with someone as I have the hardware and can test as we go, I can also pay the lucky someone should we get it running. So who's in?

Do you have links to the exisiting library?

I’ve written several libs for Arduino - Arduino/libraries at master · RobTillaart/Arduino · GitHub (not all that exciting) and added contributions to several others.

Where are you located?

You can PM me

The VL53L0X is purposely difficult to work with because STMicro tried to force you to agree to their licensing terms and use their library. The initialization sequence requires a bunch of "magic" numbers to work. I used Pololu's code as a starting point and simplified it a bit more. My code is written for Linux, but is easy to convert to Arduino.

Larry's VL53L0X library

If the VL53L1X uses the same init sequence then it will work. Considering STMicro's attitude about their hardware, it probably has some new magic numbers so that older software won't work.

I got the VL53L0X running on a PIC controller (PIC18F26J11) except for the 'profiles' which I may have a go at sometime soon. I learnt a few things (like the fact that it also has a 0.25 mm resolution mode). Getting the profiles working is a must for measuring up to 2 meters with this sensor. I'm afraid that it falls under the category of 'dont try this at home' - I got the whole thing working with a lot of peeking at:


In particular this last guy saved me !

Just as I had finished this sensor jumped up and hit me:

This is about the same thing, but with a built-in microcontroller that does all the hard stuff for you and spits the result out on SPI or serial.

I have also seen similar things on alibaba. Possibly the 4 meter variant will be coming soon ?

I would be willing to share my PIC code - be warned it's not pretty !


Am recently get VL53L1X i try to write the code but i don't know how to access the VL53L1x, VL53L1x have arduino library. any one help how to write the arduino library on VL53L1x??????????