Help needed to convert/amplify PWM output from arduino Pin 9

I am measuring the output of a temp sensor and generating a PWM based on the temperatures.
Now I want to amplify this PWM signal so I can feel it as an electric pulse using a copper electrode on my hand.

How do I convert or amplify the output of PWM from pin 9?
What should I use to do this?

Just so I get this correctly, you want to get an electric shock?

You can connect the Arduino PWM pin to a transistor switch circuit which is powered by a high voltage.

What are you doing with this project ?

yes, but mild. to just feel the temperature increase or decrease

You can get a nice jolt from a small inductor or transformer winding that's just been disconnected from a small current.

The purpose is to feel the temperature increase or decrease by giving like a mild electric shock to the hand. I am using DS18B20 temp sensor. and I am able to see the PWM on the serial monitor. But I don't know how to amplify so I can feel it.

The problem is to make it safe, so you don't kill yourself or, more tragically, someone else.

how to do this? What to use , any suggestions?

See #5. It was a suggestion. Use a transistor as a switch, and an inductor. But not too big an inductor...

What inductor do you recommend to use here? [I am a beginner]

If you are a beginner, disregard anything I said and then don't build this. Use a phone vibrator motor instead.

I got the 2SD313 transitor . I tried connecting the PWM output through a 220ohm resistor to the transistor. But I measured across the collector and got nothing.

Probably because you didn't bias it. Just a guess... :slight_smile: You're not competent to play with high voltages. Proven.

I don't want to use a vibrator motor. My project is to detect the electri signals mildly on the skin.
Am I going the right way using the 2SD313 transistor? What else can I add to it?

An inductor. Realize that your posts are limited on the first day here. Don't use them up. You should post a schematic. Also a link to the transistor data sheet or specs. I could look it up but you are supposed to do the work.

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Did not know that my posts are limited. As I said I am new here.
2SD313 transistor 2SD313 Pinout, Equivalent, Features, Applications and More
Or should I use the PN2222A? Temp sensor DS18B20 - Waterproof 1-Wire DS18B20 Compatible Digital temperature sensor : ID 381 : $9.95 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits

Have you actually tested this? Likely, all electrical shocks will feel the same up to the point of muscle contraction.
What are you going to use for the other electrode? You need a complete circuit.

No I have not completed the circuit or tested the electric shock part. I am planning to use copper pads. Please help me with suggestions on what to use to complete this circuit. Here is my schematic so far.

Someone else will have to help. I'm out of this due to liability issues.

The idea is just to feel a pinch on the skin. Nothing more. And transistor info I have attached links in my previous reply.