help needed with LCD display

Hello, can anyone tell me how to wire a 16x2 LCD display to a breadboard?

I have an LCD with 8 x 2 pins and I dont know how it works and how each pin is used.


You can get the pin assignment from the table in, then use the adafruit link that I mentioned in my earlier reply. For example, when the adafruit tutorial describes wiring the RS pin, look at the pin assignment table to see which pin that it. I suggest you solder solid core flying leads to all the display connections except RW and D0 thru D3 (which you don't need) to make it easier.

The thing is, how is each pin individually used because there will be a voltage running through 2 pins if the LCD is attached to the breadboard horizontally?

That's why you need to attach solid core flying leads to the LCD pads, instead of soldering in a strip of header pins.