Help needed with new Arduino Board installation

I purchased an Arduino Uno a couple months back and had no troubles getting everything installed and running properly as it should. I recently bought this 2nd Arduino Uno, a little different from my first:

I plugged it into my USB. The board lights up, seems they already have the “Blink” sketch loaded as the I/0 13 onboard LED is flashing as well as the “On” LED.

I have done everything I did with my first Uno board to get it installed, and for one I can’t seem to get the device manager to read “Arduino Uno” instead of just “USB Serial CH340 (COM5)”. When I try the “drivers” folder as suggested in the guide, it says “Windows has determined the drivers for the device are up to date”

I can’t get sketches to load, I have tried the “fade” example, and a few others and the sketch loads almost to 90% then a long pause and then says:

“Wrong microcontroller found”,

“avrdude: Expected signature for ATMEGA328P is 1E 95 0F
Double check chip, or use -F to override this check.”

I have checked this in Tools (it is set to Arduino UNO, I also tried a few other boards as well) and the serial port is set appropriately to COM5.

But plugging in my first Arduino board with the same USB cable still works flawlessly…

My Operating System is Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit

From the linked eBay listing the chip seems to be an ATMEGA8A-PU

You might complain to eBay, or purchase a ATMEGA328P chip to swap into the board.

OK, I got brave and swapped my Atmega chip into my new board.

I still get the same error with the new board.

The new chip seems to work fine in my old board, so its not the Atmega IC.....

I stumbled across this webpage, if u scroll down to the very last post says he was able to fix it editing the boards .txt file

…but I don’t understand what and where he is editing it…

Aha, found it, I was looking in the wrong place. For those that need it: