Help needed with new LCD display

I am newbie to Arduino! I currently have Arduino Mega 2560 R3. I just bought a new LCD display from here:
Images have been attached below!

I desperately need your help guys! Please tell me what library to use, how to connect/interface and work with it! Thanks :slight_smile:



Extra details:

ERM12864SYG-6 is lcd module ks0108, RoHS, -20°C to +70°C 6:00, Neg Voltage Generator,Parallel and Serial Interface,ST7920 Controller,Popular Size

This website below has some coding but not for Arduino!


A helpful hint when looking for information: Google search “item of interest” and “Arduino”

st7920 arduino

I finally found it guys!

The U8GLIB is the one for this kind of LCD... Everything is working fine here! Thanks Arduino :slight_smile:

ok, then, what is the problem?

Are the U8glib examples working? Did you already see something on the screen?