Help needed with Photo Interrupter - complete beginner.

I've already posted this question to the project guidance forum and received some help. However I feel the gen electronics may be a better place for me to get a solution.

My original question is here -,78561.0.html

I have been having some real trouble trying to get my Photo Interrupter working with my Arduino.

I'm using this - The data sheet is here -

I had posted a photo of my original attempt here - (apologies about the quality)

RuggedCircuits had very kindly answered some of my questions on my other post - unfortunately, when I finished working on friday I disconnected everything from my arduino and now I'm back to the start. Nothing is working.

I would really appreciate it if someone can explain to me, in very simple terms, how I can get the photo interrupter to work.

I've managed to get buttons working, but this is killing me. Surely it can't be too hard?

I'll be checking this post every two minutes for the rest of the night. If you need further information please ask, I'll be happy to provide.

Thanks in advance.

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