help needed with triggering relay chain circuit

Hi, Leo.

I think you are right. No diode inside. The relay case is transparent and I can’t see one anywhere.

This relay is from an oscillator and bias record pcb on an old reel-to-reel tape recorder.

Check out this jpg attached. This is the relay circuit from the original schematic. I have all the original schematics. Does that diode, resistor, cap setup look like fly-back protection?

The reason I did my circuit from my first post with the power being switched and not the ground path is because this original schematic had the buttons on the power end.

Can you shed any light on what this original schematic is doing compared to what we came up with?

Is this old setup fly-back protected? Maybe they didn’t need protection as there is nothing but momentary buttons and a transformer?

Why are they switching on the +DC line and not the ground side?

Thanks a million! I really appreciate the help figuring this thing out.