help needed

Hello everybody,

I'm building an escape room and have a question regarding one specific puzzle that I want to build, and because I'm a arduino noob I'm already kinda stuck.


iron marble passes past a proximity switch and an electrolock

( unlocks and a small door opens. The electrolock is standard closed, thus when applying 12v to it the lock opens.


  1. can anybody help me drawing the hardware schematics (how everything is connected) and the programming inside the arduino.

2a. is it possible to make this whole setup independent from wired power supply, in other words can I make this work just on batteries (5V for the proximity switch and arduino, 12V for the electrolock)

2b. Is there a possibility to include on/off switches that are controlled by remote ? For saving battery power.

thanks in advance for anybody who could help me further

Yes. Yes. Yes.

If you're looking for someone to build it for you/create wiring diagrams & write code, send me a PM.