help needed


as am trying to write code for graphical LCD display, and the part # is LM12864DFC, and the problem am facing is even after including the libraries like openGLCD function, am getting compilation error and am finding it hard to locate the source of the problem.

my kind request is, please suggest me the code structure and the functions needed to drive this GLCD, and what is the standard flow of the program and how i should write code to put my project on wheels.

if any working code is there, kindly send it as a reference code so that by analyzing it i could, accomplish this project of GLCD.



Please read at the top of this and every forum, then ask your question again taking into account the advice given.

You have not posted enough information for us to be able to make any comments as to your issue.
At a minimum we will need to see the build output to be able to see what you are seeing to be able to try to determine what is happening.

--- bill