Help Needed

I am new to this Arduino but its reaaly exiting!!

Can some senior member plz help me..

I have an LCD Keypad shield (16x2 with up,down,left,right,select buttons) and I want to prompt the user to select a number from 0-40 by using up n dwn button. and after reaching that number user presses select button and that number is send as an output and also as an input to load cells that this (selected number *25 )gm is the upper limit instruction passed to load cell to take from user when it starts beeping.

i m stuck ...

Hi yuug s

Welcome to the forum and arduino.

I'm probably not the right person to help u as I've only been using arduino for 7-8 months.

But your post doesn't offer any info on what your problem is.

As a start post what hard ware you are using.
The code or tutorial you are trying to follow.

If your brand new and have no code I suggest checking around for projects that use the same components and taking a look at the code they r using.

If you check YouTube heres a LCD shield keypad menu system might be a good place to start.
I haven't checked this video if it's useless trying searching Google.

thanks for the response.. m using arduino uno with 16x2 lcd keypad sheild , hx711 module with loadcell 1 kg.

i need help in framing codes where lcd ask user to enter a number , user uses up and down button to navigate from 0 to 40 and select anyone number . once he selects a number , lcd takes in that value and sends it to load cell as a conditional parameter that when user adds a wt equivalent to that number or more load cell alerts the user by raising a buzzer

So the question remains - what exactly have you done so far? What have you tried in code to do, and what have you actually made to work?

Note the instructions for posting code. :grinning: