Help New user please

Hello, Iv never used Arduino before but I have a project that i have to make for school,I plan on buying an Arduino Uno r3 kit to do the following..I have a glove with flex sensors attached to it so I need to make a program which will give the users particular information depending on which finger is flexed. I have no idea what program to use to make the program, I know how to code with Delphi but im using a mac now so Delphi or lazarus are not really option as I've spent an entire day trying to install with no success. PLS could you help me, You help is greatly appreciated.

Since you don’t give any specific information on the glove I assume that the flex sensors are variable resistors (like a potentiometer [pot]). Reading a pot with Arduino. How many sensors are you going to need to read. An Uno has 6 analog inputs so you can read 6 sensors. If you have more sensors you can use multiplexing or go to a Mega (or other) that has more analog inputs. If I have assumed wrong, please provide details on the glove.

Have you seen this?

The glove is a normal glove with 5 flex sensors 1 for each finger sown on to it (flex sensors like the ones you can buy, often used for robotic hand project), Im not sure about how the coding will work, does the Arduino program allow you to create computer programs with the information from the glove or do have to use a separate program like Delphi, If so which program Should I use that runs on mac OX Sierra.

Yes you can create a program (sketch in Arduino land), using the Arduino IDE, to read the sensors and use the data within the sketch or present that information to an outside program.

Thank you. :grinning: