Help obtaining ATTiny212/412

Hi All,

Due to the over abundance of chips at the moment (humour) I am looking for 3 or 4 of the above chips for some experiments. I am willing to pay for them and postage. I can't get them from my usual suppliers until March/April next year. Any help greatly appreciated.

DigiKey has stock of a bunch of ATtiny models. Maybe you can find a different model that has the features you want? Is there some feature unique to the ATtiny212/412 that you can't get in any other ATtiny?

how much re they worth to ya? I think I've got liker 45 or so 412's still, unused, and more on little SOIC -DIP adapters.

What are they worth to me?????? Could be ,000s but no. The finished project will need the SOIC version. If you could spare up to 10 plus a couple of your breakout boards to suit would be great. Let me know how much you would like and I will see what I can do.

@ Johnwasser, I was hoping to use the DAC function but I have also been looking at the Tiny85 as I believe you can do a DAC with them as well. The only down side to the Tiny412 is the DAC only goes to 4.3V and I may need it closer to 5V. Not sure yet, still need to test the other circuit.

Tiny85 has no hardware DAC. Filtered PWM is possible.

Exactly. I just have to work out how.

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