Help on Arduino and MaxMSP


I'm studying sound design and I want to work on an installation using patches from MaxMSP and hardware. This is my first experiment using hardware so I need some advice as to whether Arduino is the right tool for me to use.

I was thinking I could use a Duemilanove as the hardware for triggers on draws (like in a cupboard) opening and closing to send data to the patch in MaxMSP to play sound. I would need about 5 triggers. Would a Duemilanove board be capable of this?

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Check out our project at for an easy way to get max talking to your arduino. the duemilanove will be capable for sure, just know that the board will control relays which will then turn on and off your motors or solidnoids, you wouldnt run anything directly off the arduino because it would probably draw too much power.

Hi Chris, thanks for replying. I'm very limited in my experience of electronics so my physical understanding of how to wire these boards is the issue (sorry for my ignorance!) the connection and patching with MaxMSP I should be able to get under control with my teacher. So when you talk about motors and solidnoids I had no idea what you were talking about haaha! I found a tutorial that deals with switches using a press button switch to turn on an led. This is basically what I am trying to do, except the switch would be a connection between the drawer and the dresser (so when you pull the drawer out the switch is on) and music turning on instead of a light. In terms of switches in electronics I'm not even sure what is available that could be placed against the wood as a switch instead of a push button switch? Sorry, there is not really any shops here to give me advice. Thanks!