help on battery power arduino project

Hi to all!
I am new in this forum.
I have a question about battery power for my project.
In this project I use Arduino (of course!) Uno R3 + Adafruit Wave Shield + Stereo Enclosed Speaker Set - 3W 4 Ohm + 1 sharp sensor GP2Y0A21.
This project, it's part of an art installation and it needs to be powered by a battery pack. At the moment it's powering by a 9 volt battery but I think it's not the best solution. For convenience, I need to power Arduino by the Japan jack connector because it's more easy for me to put and connect it inside my art project box.
Could you suggest me the best way to power this project by battery? I need a battery that gives it a longer durability than 9 volt battery.
thank you in advice!!! :smiley:

If everything is 5V and doesn't use too much current a power pack with USB output might be
one way.

Thanks MarkT for your reply! It's a good idea!

Might be a good idea to try and measure the average current the whole set uses when outputting at the desired sound level; along with the time you want the battery to last, should give you the Amp / Hour a suitable battery pack needs to be.

How about 2x 18650 rechargeable Li-ion cells? They will run your project 4 times longer than a 9v battery. + you can throw in a tiny charging module into your project box and never worry about changing batteries again. :slight_smile:

I bet a lot more than 4. 2500mAH capacity vs 300-400mAH, probably 8x longer.

I bet a lot more than 4. 2500mAH capacity vs 300-400mAH, probably 8x longer.

of course, I just gave him a minimum estimate...

in case he happens to buy an "ultrafire 10,000mAH" one :smiley: