HELP ON: Controlling ILDA laser through a USB convertor

Hello all,

i need to know how to control an ILDA laser through a standard USB convertor,
in theory the USB should give me the Rx , Tx i need to control the laser, and make it easier and more practical to deal with any Rx, Tx Arduino, but how to know the data, how to interface with it and write the code.

I have:

  • an RGB ILDA laser,
  • ILDA to USB converter,
  • Arduino,
    !!!! need the code.

any link, example code or advice would be very helpful,

or advice

Post links to the hardware that you have. If the ILDA to USB converter you have makes the laser a USB slave, the Arduino, which is also a USB slave can not talk directly to it.

You'd need a USB Host shield on the Arduino and you'd need to write a USB driver to talk to the ILDA device.