Help on efficient way of powering 13m of RGB led strips

I want to power 13m of RGB led (ws2812b) strips (30 leds per 1m) so I have an estimated of 7.8 amps minimum (following the 1/3 rule power rule.) I want to have these 13 strips of 30 led strips outlining the top of my room (140inches X 110 inches = roughly 12.8m) so they will be running around my room in a rectangular shape. I have a 10amp 5v switching power supply with the male dc power adapter / terminal block that I could use from a prior project.

I know that if I connect these 13 strips together and power it on with just the 10amp 5v power supply I have, that the voltages will drop from the very long resistance of 13m being powered by one supply in the beginning and end. I was wondering if it'd be possible to distribute power from every other strip by having wires from (+ and GND of strip 1,3,5,7,9,11) all the way back into my male dc power adapter terminal block so this terminal block would share multiple wires in it's terminal block thats then plugged into my actual power supply. The problem I see here would be that all the wires wouldn't be able to fit into the terminal block or/and the resistance from how long some of these wires would be away from the power supply that have to wrap around the perimeter of my room back to the single power supply would be too much. One solution I could do is put my power supply in the middle of my ceiling and have all wires from every other strip go back to my power supply to distribute power but even if I did this, the wires from the supply to each strip would be a couple of feet still at some points.

Is there an efficient way to do this using my one power supply or will I have to purchase other power supplies so I can be closer to the other strips in the chain to distribute power evenly? I haven't tried to use my solution I proposed above since I don't want to go through all the hassle if it doesn't work or damage any lights if it did.

Please let me know if I need to clear anything up as I tried my best to explain, thank you!!

Depends how the LEDS are wired and what you voltage drop is. You need enough voltage to overcome this.

LEDS wired in series have same current, but you need more voltage to overcome additive voltage drops.

Putting power along the strip at several points is fine.

You're overestimating wire resistance unless I am severely underestimating the size of your room.

Thanks @INTP I was planning on buying some 22 AWG core or stranded wire so as long as wire resistance doesn't get bad from like 5 feet of wire I think I should be in the clear!

That is not a problem at all. A simple google search would've told you:

22AWG copper wire has a resistance of 0.0530 Ohms per meter. So it would take you 100 meters to get a trivial 5.3 Ohms of resistance just from the wire length.