Help on Programming UDP communication between two Arduino

Hi All.
I need guidance about Programming of UDP communication between Arduinos.
Receiver side coode is taken from Example---->Ethernet---->UDPsendreceive
But sender side code is not available on Internet. Kindly Post a simple code for sending a string to UDP client Arduino

If you mean the UPDSendReceiveString example, the code for sending a packet resides at the end of loop(), commented as "send a reply...". You have to fill the ReplyBuffer with the information you want to transmit, before you invoke these 3 lines of code.

Put these lines into a function, and call that function whenever you want to send the content of ReplyBuffer. Or pass to the function the buffer containing the text to send.

Thanks . But what would be coding of Server( Sender ). First confusion is how to give IP instead of UDP.remoteip() ???? Secondly is that necessary to include Parse in Server ( Sender ) Code

I don't know if it's even possible to make an 8 Bit AVR work as a server. I'd look for a simpler solution for a point-to-point connection between Arduinos.