Help On reading SD card like EEPROM

Hi. i need big storage and SD card is more than enough for me.

But i need to be able to read/write on address like an eeprom.
So i dont want to use files. Only read/write bytes on any address of that.

Is it posible to do that? and if yes how?
also i would like to know about the speed of SD cards. Are they faster than eeprom?

The first question that I would ask is why not use files ?

i need to store many data that arduino will read and store them to variables arrays. data are integers with values 0-255.

how could i do that with files?

One possible method that comes to mind is to use random access files,thus avoiding the need to read/write a whole file just to read/write a few bytes, but I have seen a comment somewhere that SD cards are not ideal for this.

Others members with more experience of SD cards will be able to comment further, I am sure.