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I looking for some good soul that might be able to do me a great favour. i've found a company that fabs the boards for me at a good price but they ask some gerber files with the board design, though i've never done anything like that before so, i asking if anyone can make the board design for me, its not that big, the components i can list so you can get a picture of what i need.

Board dimensions: 3,5 x 1,5 cm 1 relay 3 resistors 2 diodes 2 transistors 1 ht12d (decoder) 1 rf module 315Mhz

and thats it... i know how the pieces needs to be, though i cant understand how to make it using computer software like Eagle or something.

Thanks in advance.

PS- Sorry if this is not the right place for the subject

Sure, draw up how you want them connected.

thank you very very much for being ready to help, i know its a pain in the *** when someone basically comes and ask to do the job for them, im sorry about that... about the draw, you prefer like a schematic or like the board as it should be, with holes and everything?

about the components, do you want the datasheet for every one of them? i have a perforated pcb i can draw on it and take a picture, i think that way it will make your job easier no?

again, thank you very much, i really appreciate

Ps. ill send you a pm with my msn, in case you need have some quick questions

i found a way to use other software then convert it to gerber, though im afraid that it might not be weel executed by me, can you check it for me please?

Thanks in advance

attach: gbr file and print

PS- if you can improove it feel free to

receiver.gbr (643 KB)

I can't make gerbers without a schematic, eagle requires schematic entry first, pulls in PCB footprints from there.

i hope this is what you need…

Thanks in advance

receiver.pcb (3.23 KB)

receiver2sch.sch (7.76 KB)

Any part numbers available for that?

Try this


this looks good, though i think i mislead you on the relay when i did the chematic, i was at work and i used what i found most similar so sorry for that...

My relay is a latching relay, and the configuration is different.

Relay (RT314F05): diode (1N4004): transistor (BC548B): 3 way terminal: decoder (HT12D): rf receiver :

Im sorry and thank you


any news? im excited on get things going :smiley:


Sorry, have been working other things, have not had time to work up new symbols for your parts. Also, Does this board connect to the Tx module or to the Rx module? What would help is a schematic of what you want. I took a shot at it, you have a different circuit mind, please post what that is and we can go from there.

it connects to a rx module. a schematic? what i post a few posts back wasnt a schematic like you wanted? basically is a receiver module that after receiving the command will turn on/off a light/equipament...

The image you sent was pretty good with the exception of the realy and sv12 the should be a 3way terminal, for the rest i thought it was perfect... If you can send me the file from eagle maybe i can try to change this 2 little things and show you so you can check if i messed up..

Thank you

Put both in the same folder.
Do not make changes to one without the other being open; that will corrupt their shared data.

relay_board.brd (48.7 KB)

relay_board.sch (165 KB)

your files gave me an error, "invalid data..."

im using eagle version 5.11.0 light

Upgrade to 6.0, 6.2 light.

upgraded, and corrected… though i have some errors can you find me a solution please?
the components were corrected, (relay, decoder, transistor)
the resistors are different only because of hole spacing cause if i use the resistors in “horizontal” it takes much space, same goes for the diodes…

Thanks in advance

relay_board.brd (76.1 KB)

relay_board.sch (434 KB)

You can right click any device, seleck Package, and use a different size part.

I added a decoupling cap on the power pin, added a header so you can ground the address pins (what I think you intended), and changed the resistor package sizes.
You had mentioned Rx/Tx parts, where did you intend those to go?

relay_board.brd (85.5 KB)

relay_board.sch (558 KB)

Rx/Tx part is your SV1(Receiver) the left one.

Maybe this can remove some doubts On this site, he says the cap is optional, so not required and since i need to make it as small as possible, i was not planning on include it, but do you think it should be there? what is the purpose of it?

About the power header, initially, i thought about a dip switch but its too big, the i just thought that i could solder only the one i need, but you had a great idea should they be connected with some jumpers?

Other thing i think im forgetting, the power supply, i would like, if possible, to have an easy power connector or something instead of solder the power wires directly on the board...

I can't see it mentioned in any reply so far, so try this for conversion from schematic to PCB layout. May be helpful.