Help on sensor requirements

I'm fairly new to Arduino but I couldn't get any list of materials for some sensors. I know the instructions but I don't know what to get. Could any one help me?

VEML6075 UVA/UVB sensor
TSL2561 Lux sensors
SI1145 Infrared, Visible light, and UV index sensor

I don't understand your question! What list of materials? What instructions?

All three sensors are I²C devices, which means you only need the sensor, maybe some pull-up resistors and a decoupling capacitor... I'm sure you can find a board that has everything onboard already.

list of materials for power and for reading data

Power: an power supply that can deliver at least the required current and a voltage suitable for your circuit.

To read the data: maybe some kind of Arduino, or NodeMCU, or Teensy, or RPi, or ESP32, or whatever your favourite microcontroller is.

In a typical project the hardware design is created before one can create a list of materials. And before the hardware design can be accomplished a fully formed concept / approach / list of goals etc needs to be complete.

I understand you have a project idea and want to measure some characteristics of ambient light, however that is not enough. You will have to think it through and decide if you want a display or send the data to a computer etc.

In this type of project the challenge is in the details :slight_smile: