Help on Smart Night Lamp

Hello All,

So I was working on a project for Robotics and I was wondering if i could get some advice on the schematic of a smart night lamp that change color while turns on at night and off during the day.

Using these, components from the Sparkfun Redboard Inventor Kit Jumper Wires Photoresistors Breadboard Red Board Rgb Led Resistors 330, and 10k

Maybe help with coding thanks!

What do you know how to do already and what do you need help with?

Do you know how to wire-up the photoresistor and read light changes?

Do you know how to wire-up an LED, or an RGB LED?

Do you know how to program an if-statement to "do something" when the light level changes?

...Just take it one step at a time. Don't try to build the whole thing at once or program the whole thing at once. Maybe start by reading the photoresistor. When you get that worked-out add an if-statement to turn-on the Arduino's built-in pin-13 LED. Then add the RGB LED, etc.

Well I know how to wire the rgb led but the light level only changes from green to blue and not red. I can't seem to put the photo resistor into the schematics, or my coding doesn't work with 10 sec interval for color switch.