Help on the code for controling serovos with flex sensors wireless

I've recently started a project that would control servo motors with flex sensors (And a bunch of other jazz in between). How ever would like to do this wireless (flex sensors on one Arduino and servos on an controlled by another one) because the connections are annoying, and because its just cool.

My problem is, I just don't know where to start (at all). I am really hooked on the idea of using 433 MHz RF Transmitter and Receiver Modules. This is because, they are cheap compared to the popular Xbee and Second, is because the Xbee is (relatively) expensive. I wasn't able to find any tutorials for using the modules with multiple sensors and multiple servos. Or any detailed tutorials at all.

If anyone is able to help the the whole with all of the code including setup and loop and anything need before it would be greatly appreciated so that I can finally finish this product.

Thanks to all those who reply!

NRF24 radios are inexpensive.
One receiver can listen to up to 6 transmitters.
Can you post a schematic or block diagram of your project?

This Is just about what it looks like other than some connections.

So you will have one Uno reading the three flex sensors and you want to send, over a wireless !ink, commands to another Uno that will control three servos?

What is the distance between transmitter and receiver? Are there walls, trees, etc in the way?

There will only be about 10-20 feet away from each other with zero obstacles.

I have not use the 433MHz radios so I can’t help with those. I have used the RF24 and they will handle that range, easily.
To send the data you would build a data packet containing the servo commands and send. The received packet then is parsed to separate out the servo commands. Refer to the link in reply #1 for lots of info on the RF24.

This is great! The other transmitters look more reliable than the ones I was looking at. Thanks for the help!