Help picking correct model of Arduino for project

Trying to figure out which board to get. Making a similar project to this: WeatherPane Display ( - Album on Imgur.

We need wireless connectivity to pull info from weather api like weather underground to light up LED's for corresponding info.

Will any Arduino with USB support a wireless device or should we look at something with it built in?

Thanks in advance!

I never understand the appeal of word clocks and the like…

As in, the ability to connect to WiFi and access the internet?

That can be done with basically any Arduino device, provided you have a wifi adapter of some sort. The ESP8266 is cheap, abundant, and surprisingly good, and there are also wifi shields from many vendors.

If using ESP8266 for WiFi, I’d recommend something that has a free hardware serial, for example, Leonardo (which uses native USB, so the hardware UART is available) or a third party 1284p-based board (2 UARTs, 128kb flash, a whopping 16k of ram - unfortunately not in any official boards, but it’s a pretty popular chip around here for obvious reasons, and hence the core is pretty well maintained).

You might even be able to do it all on an ESP8266, there’s third party support library to program it via Arduino (instead of using it as a wifi adapter - it can be reprogrammed, and is surprisingly capable as a microcontroller, considering that it’s a $2 wifi module.)