help pl!!

I am making a project wherein there is a need for me to create a database on arduino which lists out all the home appliances and their power ratings for the user to choose from.
how do i go about creating this database and how to access it on the arduino?

First, edit your original post to change the topic title. The guys on this forum who know about databases will definitely read every thread that has the word 'database' in the title. They don't read random 'help!' topics because they may not be able to help with any other topic.

Second, add another post to explain a bit more about what you want to do:

  • Do you want this 'database' to be editable by the end user or do you want to program it so it never changes?
  • What does the Arduino do once the user has selected something?
  • What display do you have? What buttons for the user to push?
  • Is the project connected to a PC or what other sensors do you have?