Help Please Arduino with Session and cookie

Hello every one!

I have these Arduino and Ethernet Board

Mini project of Microprocessor Subject at University.
Step of work is :

  1. Make Web Server(PHP) for connect with Arduino on ADSL Internet
  2. Set Arduino board to Client and auto DHCP from Router
  3. if i press button 1 on Arduino board the Arduino board will call web page from server and send value to the server
  4. Server recive value and split URL p1=show then server translate value and show value on display "1"
  5. Server send value "12" to Arduino client board pass Internet then Arduino recive value "12" LED ON

But i want to know the Arduino Board can store session and cookie(same computer) for save config from server

if this idea can do please explain to me for way to do this
and can't do please explain too.

Thank you
Phichya Laemluang

Server is PHP server
Client is Arduino board with Ethernet Module

The answer is yes. If you are making the arduino and netshield the client, when the server gives you a response, store the cookies: header. The next call to that domain on that server, send the cookies back out.

google the http protocol rfc for more info - but the arduino can do it!

The same is true on the server side (for clients connecting). When the client asks for a webpage, they may have a cookie: in the header. Read it and parse. or, if you want to create a cookie on the arduino and send it back to the client, send it back in the cookie header.

Thank you :slight_smile: