Help please error arduino uno exit status 1 'volatileboolean' does not name a ty

Hi good afternoon , i am new and I have no programming knowledge . I want to reset my 3D cartridges davinci 1.0 printer, down to the arduino code one, and try to load I get the following error


please could help me

You haven't posted your code, and the IDE has highlighted a different line than the one that the error is in.

That error indicates that somewhere you have a declaration where you missed the space between the "volatile" keyword and the "boolean" type.

do not let me put you code is very long tells me that overdid the number of words allowed

If it’s too long then please attach your sketch. If you click the Reply or Preview buttons you’ll see an option “Attachements and other options” click on that and you’ll be able to attach your sketch.

You forgive my ignorance , which is sketch ? And as I get?

Reply, then select "Attachments and other options" below the Reply box and Browse to your file (the .ino file) to attach it.

You can find the sketch by doing Sketch > Show sketch folder.

I suspect this is a function prototype generation bug in the Arduino IDE, not a bug in your code. Arduino IDE 1.6.6 had lots of them. It might be more simple for you to just install Arduino IDE 1.6.9 and see if that fixes your problem.

ok annex the ino file and will install the latest version . to test whether it works

Filament.ino (10.3 KB)

Yes, it was caused by a bug in Arduino IDE 1.6.6. Just use 1.6.9 and it will work.