Help, please! I need to control a motor from a board

Well, explained better, I have a waterhole, and it has all its control system in order to fill a 30000 litters tank. I have this board, with a green (turn the pump on) and a red(turn the pump off) button. I assume it is an emergency stop control.

The problem: I need to be able to control this two states from an Arduino. How to achieve it?

My Thoughts: I was thinking about replacing this two buttons by relays, and controlling the coils with the Arduino. I'm not sure if this is safe, or even posible, due the pump works with 220 V AC.

What I was wondering, is if anyone of you had done this project already once, and tell me if it's as easy as that, or instead I need to improve all other system.

Thanks in advance!

Forget it if you don’t know anything about electricity. The high voltage is too dangerous.

It is easy if you know what you are doing. If not... well. Do some study about high voltage electricity and how to avoid getting shocked or worse. Rule number one is disconnect, not just turn off, DISCONNECT the device before you open it up.

Yes, you can replace the switches with relays. The Arduino can't drive relays directly so there has to be an interface driver. You want a relay board that has isolation between the low voltage control (Arduino) and high voltage (switches / relays). The relays must be rated for your voltage and current. No the relays must be rated for MORE than you current so there is a margin of safety.

There are lots of tutorials and examples of people controlling mains powered devices using relays.

Thanks for your advices, really.

I'm building an schematic, so you will see what I'm trying to tell you.

And, about the safety, of course I'm disconnecting the source power; before all the control system, there is a thermomagnetic switch, cutting down the fase and the null...