[Help Please] LCD Shield Problem...

I wonder how many outputs of the Arduino uses the 16x2 LCD shield that already comes with buttons, because I want to create a login system with numeric keypad, and do not know how many pins or departures will use the shield, someone can tell me?

This is the Shield I want buy:

Att Marcelo Boeira Jr.

Maybe you can contact "brasilrobotics" said on the display. I can't find helpful things on their site and can't read the language.

Here is their store I found, no info I can find or read:


Just a general remark, you don't need a number pad to enter numbers. With the arrow key on the display shield you can enter anything you want. Here is a password panel I made. You simply spend a tidbit more time on each digit:


Have a look at this screen - http://www.robot-electronics.co.uk/htm/Lcd03tech.htm - It is a serial screen with option to connect a numeric keypad. It connects through I2C or serial so it only uses 2 wires. The only drawback is that AFAIK the serial speed is limited to 9600 baud.

BOEIRA: If you look at the picture in your first post you will see that the board is actually made by 'Electronic Kit Zone' with their web address silk screened on the board. At their website you can download a schematic which shows the pins that are being used. The Arduino equivalents are on the left side of the drawing. It is using Digital 4,5,6,7,8 and 9 and Analog 0 if I read it correctly.

I think that you might be better off with the solution that Rob came up with. The 'limitation' of 9600 baud communication is probably not significant when you consider all the delays that are built into any LCD implementation. By using a serial interface for the LCD you are also free to use another shield if that helps with your ultimate implementation.


I was only looking at the display and didn’t see the obvious. :blush:

Thanks for the Help Guys...