HELP PLEASE!! - No Set/Get Cursor Position with UTFT ??

Hi - I'm currently porting a large sketch written for the MCUFriend library to UTFT and for the life of me I can't find a simple way to replace the Adafruit tft.setCursor () function so I can print sequential characters/strings to the screen without having to do cursor position calculations.

I hope I'm explaining this enough to be clear - In the Adafruit library, the cursor is set then the print follows, further printing continues from the last cursor position.

In the UTFT approach, each print command must specify a pair of coordinates so if you want to print a query and answer on one line for example, it appears you must have to calculate the length of the query string, multiply it by the font width, add it to the original X coord and pass that value to the print command for the answer.??

Surely Not ??

please help - this is driving me nuts!!