HELP please!  Wire is stuck!


I was wondering is there a way to take a broken wire end out from the Arduino pin hole please? It’s stuck in there, and I have tried using a needle to get it out to no avail.

Please please please help!!! :frowning: :’(

Now that’s one problem I have not seen post here before. :wink:

Can’t think of too many solutions. If the wire is broken at or close to the top maybe the sharp tip of an Xacto type knife might be able to gently pry it up a bit at a time.


lol well, it was totally lodged in and it broke off at a place that left nothing sticking out >:(
however with a little patience, my mom got it out after spending close to 20 minutes on it… with a needle

thanks for your suggestion btw :smiley:

Why to go Mom :slight_smile:

The countdown to launch is now safe to resume!


I found that a neodynium magnet did the trick when I managed to do that…


Why are moms so good at that kind of thing? :stuck_out_tongue: I guess we just lack the patience to not blow something up ;).

“Ask your mom” wasn’t the first thing that came to mind when I saw your question, but it was better than any of my ideas! You have an ace mother there, be thankful :slight_smile:

Mowcius - your wire was a magnetic material, not copper?

It was a bit of solid strand wire, most solid strand wire used for protyping (with an arduino) is not copper and is magnetic. Most electronic component pins are also magnetic.


Hmm, I’m going to have to test all my solid strand wires now! thanks.