Help please with uploading to arduino duemilanove


I am having trouble uploading to my arduino duemilanove ATMEGA328.

I am using Mac OS X version 10.4.11. Within Arduino 0017 I have selected 'Arduino Duemilanove orNana w/ ATmega328' as the board and the serial port I have chosen is '/dev/tty.usbserial-A6008iZu'

I go to file - examples - digital - blink then click upload and it comes up with the error: 'Build folder disappeared or could not be written'

The arduino board only has the usb cable pluged into it and the green power light is on and the 'L' orange LED is flashing fast.

I hope some one can help. Thanks Amy

The serial port I have chosen is '/dev/tty.usbserial-A6008iZu'

Dont have experience withMac. Have you tried other ports . Try any that come up as a choice watch the board if lights flash you have found the right one . Doubt you can do any harm ,the other ports will be 9 pin serials probably

When it says build fold disappeared or could not be written however might give somebody else a clue

The red led flashing fast mght mean some rubbish has been loaded on the chip . I think the bootloader does flash as standard when powered up but its not "fast"

Once a second or so I think .Like the blink sketch

The serial port is OK, the clue is:-

'Build folder disappeared or could not be written'

Where have you installed it? It looks like that you don't have write permission to use the area it wants to use. Try looking at the permissions when you select the application and choose "Info"

Thank you yes I have moved it to a new location where I have write permission and now it works successfully.

I am now onto the next stage of my project, to get buttons triggered by typewriter keys to make a flash animation work. I have a flash projector written to play a .flv. I am using serproxy but I am confused as to what I need to do to the serproxy config file to select the right comm ports.