help plox with dc motor and flex sensor code and Arduino board wiring.


I am trying to use use a flex sensor to stop a dc motor from spinning. I am having some difficulty finding code and how to set up the board. If anyone can help me with a code and or show me an example of the wiring? Thanks, it will help me a ton!


We need details.What flex sensor? What DC motor? What motor driver? Do you have links to the datasheets for them? What Arduino? How is everything powered?

Have you done any simple programs? Like one to start, control and stop the motor? Another to read the flex sensor and print out the values you get? Examples for all those things exist.


I am really new at this, I did not know their was different types of flex sensors/ dc motors… just that is what they are.

Arduino: nano
Powered via cable to my pc

Yes I have I made the motor spin at different speeds.

I am just confused how to change my Arduino wiring in order to incorporate the flex sensor. I have also experienced difficulty finding code for the flex sensor to stop a dc motor (as expressed above).