Help pls, which microcontroller?(is about robotics n stuff)

Hi everybody!

I have the following question: which kind of Arduino should i use? The Arduino Nano, Micro or the Dreamer Nano from dfrobot?
I would like to build a small racing car and later after some other things like that, a quadruped or hexapod..
Also if you have any recommendations what I should use to control it(bluetooth or sth else) feel free to give me advice :3
Still kinda new to this kind of stuff(not new to electronics tho) so pls dont me too hard with me ^^
Thank you all for your answers!


Well normally everybody starts off with an UNO but if you want it to be small go for the Nano.

For control you can use rf which is very cheap and easy to implement with the library's that are available but they have their issues.

Bluetooth seems to me to be a better option but its really up to you.
You could use Xbee as well but they are a little pricey.


Alright! :slight_smile: thank you very much

Hmmm.. but why the nano? why not the micro? just wondering^^

The micro is less normal and more expensive and has a few more "gotchas".

Nano and pro mini clones are $2-4 each, Uno clones around $4, micro clones around $5-6 (ebay prices, shipped)

Really? :smiley:
cause here in germany the nano is more expensive than the micro.
plus the micro seems to be a little better^^ so i was wondering