Help! Point me in a Led driver direction

So I have a project dumped in my lap and under normal circumstances I would have time to think it through and prototype it but this has to be live by Wednesday, So I'm on a panicked tear looking at what I have on hand and nextday ordering anything I can think that might work. And I'm really having a hard time coming up with one sound route. led drivers, darlington array, I'm having a hard time coming up with a full solution right now and I'm really rusty to boot

the basics - I need to drive 15 separate channels of 12v single color LED strip 22in long each and I believe they are running around 1.25 watts a foot.

they have to come on one at a time sequentially till all lit then off and cycle again. And I also have to come up with a random sequence.

I’ve never used an LED strip, but if you turn them on like regular LED’s then this programming would work.
On the arduino the digital pins go up to 13 and analog 0 and 1 become digital pins 14 and 15

int i=0;

/*This code will turn the LEDs on in order, with delays, then turn 
them off.  If you want it to run over and over then you will 
have to put it in some sort of loop, or have some condition 
that activates it.  You could put it in a giant if statement, 
if (activated == 1) or something

  digitalWrite(i, HIGH);   // turns pin 0 on first, then up to 15
delay(500); // half a second delay


for the random programming:

 int x=0;

// you'd have to make it run in a loop over and over again 

x = random(16);// this will make x a random number from 0 to 15

x = random(16); // make a new random number