Help powering Arduino Due and Servos from batteries


So I am using the Due which takes 3.3v with the SCC-32 from lynxmotion to control 10 analog servos that need 6v and two digital servos that need 7.4v and from what I understand, digital servos need more amps than analog. I can power two different groups of servos though the scc-32 with different power sources. So basically I am wonder what would be the simplest and lightest on the weight side to power all of this. I am pretty inexperienced with the hardware side so any help would be appreciated.


The Due needs a 5V or higher supply. 5V to the 5V pin, higher to the Vin pin. It
generates its own 3.3V on-board.

You'd be wise to have separate power for the servos and the Due. Once you've
worked-out or measured the current consumption you can size the battery pack(s).
If weight is an issue lithium would be a good choice - the digital servos are already
designed for a 2S lithium pack, note.

Could you or anyone point me in the direction of a good guide or tutorial for servos and current consumption. I'm still pretty unsure of what I need to do. I'll need at least two power supplies for the due and servos but can I use the same power supply for different voltage digital and analog servos by running it through a regulator or something?

Thanks for your reply, like I said I have very little experience with this and I couldn't find a guide that is what i need. Thanks.

Power the servo from a good supply via a multimeter (on the 10A current scale), try to
force the servo to move mechanically against its will (briefly) and note the maximum
current reading.

That's the stall current for the servo. Expect something in the range 0.5A to 2A depending
on the size of the servo.