help, problem with dht11

hello, I’m new to arduino.

So, I have a project that using DHT11 to read humidity and temperature. The problem is when I’m powering the arduino from my laptop it works fine, but when I’m using an adapter it didn’t work(the dht11 failed to read the humidity and temperature). I’m using 9v 0,6A adapter

I have put the pic of my project on the attachment.

could you please tell me what’s wrong?

Do you use 4.7k or 10K resistor over dht11 as pull-up resistor ?

So far I can see, you got garbage in LCD display.

Try with another power supply. it could be noise-electrical parasite coming from a bad power supply.

I'm using 4.7k as pull-up.

oh I see, I'll try another power supply. I'll update the result later. Thankyou