Help Project

Here is my project...

I want to acess remotely via web interface to sensor in a room.

What I was thinking was building an wireless temperature sensor with possibly the help of xbee modules. This would transmit to other xbee connected to router via ethernet or usb or other thing. This router running linux would be the gateway to the outside world.

Do you think this possible to do with arduino and xbee modules???

What other options do I have to transmit wireless data from the sensor??


A temperature sensor can be connected to a xbee. The xbee can then broadcast the sensor data. A xbee on an Arduino can collect the data, and, using an Ethernet shield, post that data to a web site.

You could connect the Arduino to the PC using a USB cable, saving the cost of an ethernet shield.

There are lower cost RF transmitters and receivers, but they are one-way solutions, and require some sort of microcontroller to interface with the sensors. Two-way communication with error correction is best done with the xbees.

Thanks Paul.

The thing with Xbees is that I want to send wireless signals for example to act on a air conditioner or switch off a light. So I think Xbees are nice to do that.

I just hope Arduino to be easy to implement.

Do you think there are other options for what I want to do???