Help Proximity Touchless button to replace switch in circuit


I have this sensor button

I am trying to use in a circuit to replace this Carling Momentary SPST footswitch

The only info i have on the button is in that tiny sheet i pasted - I believe it's a touchless proximity light sensor (based on where the data sheets says "Principle: Light Reflection"

When I hook it up to 12v i can here the button clicking when i wave over it,
I can get the RX light to indicate receipt on the Arduino. BUT doing what needs to be done to get this button to do the work of the former foot switch (Carling is beyond me- other buttons I have tried i believe had enough were in the milliamp range to do the job (200ma) this one only 15ma

apologies if this is all over the map
i'm brand new to this

Can we have a look at the data sheet, also?

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I highly doubt the button draws any significant current, that 15mA spec is for the LED, or maybe the max load the COM/NO contacts can handle

this is all i got

i’m assuming i would need a transistor??

As noted above, the 15mA is shown for the electronics behind the switch, the LED is up to you with a current limiting resistor…

Depending on the number of LEDs being driven, you can probably drive them directly from Arduino pins via 330R, but remember to check the max ratings for outputs.

thanks for that. really appreciate the time
i’m not great at this so let me make sure i didn’t lead us down the wrong path. the footswitch i’m trying to replace is that carling in the other picture. it activates the on and off of an effects pedal. i am trying to figure out how to use this button as the on/off switch in that effects circuit i’m guessing a relay or microcontroller or both would have to be involved to take the lower draw and increase the milliamps? i did think that maybe a transistor could do too but i think you’re saying no to that?

Then you need to know the circuit of that effects pedal. That's it.

And there is no need to delete your posts if you change your mind. Use the edit function on the post.

thanks for your reply, but don’t i only really need to know the switching requirement right? i just want to turn it on and off.

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