Help putting Arduino Mega 1280 into DFU mode !

Hello, everyone!

I am trying to use my Arduino Mega 1280 to simulate keyboard input.
I have never done this before.

If I understand correctly, the only way to do so is to update the firmware on the 8u2 chip.
In order to do so, it is requred to put the board into DFU mode.
If I get to that point, then I can use FLIP to update the firmware.

The problem: When I try to find how to put my Mega 1280 into DFU mode, the only results I get are for the Uno
and the Mega 2560.

According to the instructions for the Mega 2560, I have to short out two solder pads on the bottom of the board, followed by two more and then let go of them in a specific order.

So I tried to find those solder pads/pins on my Mega 1280, but I could not.

My question: Is it possible to put the Mega 1280 into DFU mode, and if so, how ?

I have spend about 2 hours researcing online, but I could not find any info regarding the Mega 1280, only Mega 2560 and the Uno.

ANY help is greatly appreciated :slight_smile: