Help Reading Serial Data from Xbee using Arduino Micro

So I'm working on a project that involves reading the data that is outputted from an XBee TX pin and reading it with an Arduino Micro through the Arduino Software's Serial Monitor.

Currently I have the XBees all set up and configured with X-CTU and I can see that I am getting good data transfers across the XBees using that software. Now I want to read that data from the Arduino software. I have tried hooking up the the XBees tx and rx pins to the Arduino micro and I've tried some sample code, but i can't seem to get anything to work.

I read somewhere that while using the serial monitor on the computer, you can't utilize the tx and rx pins on the micro. I did some more searching and saw people trying to use some Software Serial code. I couldn't really make sense of that or get it to work.

I have basic programming knowledge but I am quite new to Arduino and would really appreciate any help i can get with this.

i see no one has posted here but just incaseā€¦i had the same problem the software serial is easy to use
just simply add

#include <SoftwareSerial.h>
SoftwareSerial xbee(8,7); // TX, RX

and this is from my Micro and those pins work for both sending and recieving it took me a while sense only certain pins on each arduino board can use interupts with the RX. then just like normal serial you would call on xbee
xbee.println("<hello from micro ,1,2.3>"); and you can still use serial print to see anything you dont want to send over xbee