Help reading values from a MPU6050 accelerometer?

I'm trying to simply be able to read a value from an mpu6050 accelerometer, one value at a time at certain intervals for a project.

I have the MPU6050 working, i have the example sketch loaded from the arduino playground, which reads all 3 accelerometer values, and all 3 gyro values.

The problem is that example sketch is many pages long, and way too complex. I don't know how to simplify it for use in my own project. I've spent hours cruising the web, with the same result, all example sketches are pages long and way too complex.

If I could just find out the minimum amount needed, and the proper command to simply sample the value of one axis. For example the z axis of the gyro, or the Y axis of the accelerometer. With another accelerometer I've used in the past (adxl335), all I had to do was an analog read. For this MPU6050 I have no idea what command to do.

Can anyone help?

i have the example sketch

Well, we don't. So you need to post it.

The example is at the bottom of the page at I tried to post it in this message but it exceeded the maximum allowed length of 9500 characters.

So huge I can't really understand it. In the past when I had used an ADXL335 accelerometer, all I had to do was an analogRead, and would get a value. With this MPU6050, the code is so long and complex, I don't really know what commands to use to simply read a particular value.