Help reading with TSL2591

So, I have been able to follow the instructions and get the lux and luminosity values read through the com port. What I would like to do instead is read out the voltage values that correspond to the lux and luminosity values seen on the serial monitor.

I have tried using the DAC on the Arduino to analog write out the data, but I am not getting the return I expected. The TSL2591 SDA is connected to the A4 pin on the Arduino, and the DAC0 is on A0/D14.

I expected I would be able to read the input on A4 and map it to A0, then write it out from A0 to the serial monitor.

Any suggestions to help me? I can post some code if it would help.

Thank you!


The TSL2591 does not have an analog interface. You can only read the data using I2C.

Next time, please post a link to the datasheets for non-Arduino components on the manufacturers web page. This will help people to help you and shows you have looked at it yourself. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the response, and I already knew that the interface was I2C, thus digital. I was hoping I could convert the digital output to analog and read the voltages using some built in Arduino functions. I will continue my investigation myself. Next time I will post the datasheet, my bad.