help recover arduino from crash

I have a duemilanove328 and a mega 2560. i have used both boards extensively before. I found the tutorial for the master reader slave sender and wired the two boards together as such per the diagram.

I can still communicate with the mega but now i cannot upload to the Duem. I get this error avrdude:stk500_recv():programmer is not responding

It literally worked before i hooked it up and now all I get is the RX light flickers very dimly when uploading, no other lights light up except the green power LED, tried resetting it via button and reset pin to ground and nothing. Is there a way this can be saved? I am thinking i might need to load the bootloader but do not have the equipment at the time to try it. Correct voltage was sent as well, no reverse voltage.

Do you have the Deum. disconnected from other stuff when you try to upload? If you have things connected to the Rx/Tx lines, they can interfer with the upload which you are attemtpting via USB.