HELP! Redfyl wifi socket send to php


i got a problem with socket connection to php script on my webserver.

The wifi shields connects successful but i dont know why, the script call wont work.

this is the code:

RedFly.socketSendPGM(http, PSTR("GET /arduino/SaveTempToMySql.php?T1=22&T2=23&key=XY HTTP/1.1 Host: "HOSTNAME));

this is the "send" on serial monitior

AT+RSI_SND=1,91,0,0,GET /arduino/SaveTempToMySql.php?T1=22&T2=23&key=XYHTTP/1.1ÛÜ Host: XY.comÛÜÛÜ

Have you got any idea why its not working?

Calling the php script on browser works perfecty.



post more of your code

the URL you have in the posting is not valid, i.e it doesnt start with a domain name, its just a sub folder on a domain.

PSTR("GET /arduino/SaveTempToMySql.php?T1=22&T2=23&key=XY HTTP/1.1 Host: "HOSTNAME)

What the heck is HOSTNAME supposed to be doing there?