Help Replacing Button Calls with Adafruit Commands - 16x2 lcd shield

Hi all,

I am trying to make a menu for a project, and have been losing my mind the last couple days trying everything.

I am using an Adafruit 16x2 rgb LCD shield, that uses the I2C pins, A4 & A5, (link provided at end)

I found an example of basically what I want, but the buttons are unresponsive.

The author states " the Adafruit library reads buttons with lcd.readButtons() while the shield I used needs to measure analog voltage drop across the buttons. You'll have to go through the code and replace my button calls with the Adafruit commands. "

I just have no idea how or where to do this. He talks slightly about it in step 3, but I am completely lost. Everything I try to do does not work.

Any help would be very extremely greatly life saving!

Link to Menu Example -

Link of RGB LCD used

(Couldn't copy code due to length, is attached.)

AdafruitRGBLCD_Menu_Program.ino (15 KB)