HELP:replacing delay() with millis()

hey guys can someone help me replacing delay() with millis() in my code,
i want to use it for couting number of days so using delay will hang my code

what i want is counting number of days
am building counter for chicken egg incubator that every day will countup and show on the seven segment display

in my project i have

  1. arduino board
  2. two seven segment display(common cathod)
  3. shift register 74HC595

So my issue here is to count using milis() for interval of every 24hrs(every day) because using delay() it makes the all code to hang

here is my codes:

#define LATCH 12
#define CLK 13
#define DATA 11

//This is the hex value of each number stored in an array by index num
int digitOne[10]= {192,249,164,176,153,146,130,248,128,24};
int digitTwo[10]= {192,249,164,176,153,146,130,248,128,24};

int i;

void setup(){

pinMode(CLK, OUTPUT);
pinMode(DATA, OUTPUT);


void loop(){

for(int i=0; i<10; i++){
for(int j=0; j<10; j++){
digitalWrite(LATCH, LOW);
shiftOut(DATA, CLK, MSBFIRST, ~digitTwo[j]); // digitTwo
shiftOut(DATA, CLK, MSBFIRST, ~digitOne*); // digitOne*

  • digitalWrite(LATCH, HIGH);*
  • delay(86400000);//this is 1 days in mseconds*
  • }*
  • }*
  • }*

Seriously? You've been given your answers in your other identical post yet half way through John and I helping you, you post again but including one of the modifications I gave you?

I think I just remembered why I enjoy reading PaulS's posts rather than bothering posting here myself.