Help request hooking up Arduino Leonardo

This is my first time using an Arduino of any kind.

I have installed a newly purchased Arduino Leonardo on an elliptical cross trainer similar to the Instructables "Riding through walls" project. I have installed quality push buttons that are normally open and soldered all the wire ends and plugged right and left into the ground into the pin connection holes on the IOREF side of the Arduino and the right push button hot wire into the SCL pin connection hole and the left push button hot wire into the "Digital" 4 pin connection hole.

I also mounted a mechanical switch near a bump on the flywheel so that the bump actuates the flywheel every time it goes around. The two wires for the switch go into the the ground into the pin connection holes on the IOREF side of the Arduino and the hot wire is plugged into the SDA pin connection hole.

I have tested the circuits with a multimetre so I know the buttons and the switch works and connects when pressed to make the circuit complete when either button is pushed or the switch is actuated by the bump on the flywheel.

I have compiled the sketch and uploaded it successfully on the Arduino according to the version of desktop compiler 1.8.15.

I then keep the USB connected, the green light is on solid while the amber/red light flashes 1 x per second indicating the program is ready.

With my laptop on the elliptical trainer and plugged into the Arduino Leonardo via USB, I open a web browser and go to Google Maps, drop the pin-man and get a Google Street View as described in the Riding through Walls instructables instructions.

I push either button - nothing happens. I run the flywheel forward with the setting in the program to trigger it to move forward every 14 x it turns - nothing happens.

Am I missing something obvious? I am thinking I may need a power jack? If I do, can you please recommend me one as I do not want to fry the circuit board out of stupidity.

I have photos of the set up and detailed connections if you think it would be of value to communicate what I have said above.

Kind regards and thanking you graciously in advance for your assistance,

Nic Even

Please post the code and a schematic.

In which case it no longer is an issue that belongs in Installation and Troubleshooting :wink:

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