Help request, testing Solar Battery as Arduino power source

We make a solar battery. 4.4AH with standard USB outputs. We are looking for people to test this as the primary power source for Arduino project. This would probably involve receiving one of our products, using it as part of a project as the primary power source, delivering some performance data regarding the usage of the power and overall stability in supporting Arduino projects. I have my own project, however we would like indpendant tests as well. Would anyone be interested in helping out?
Chris Hardaker

Something is wrong with the math on your website:

The "Maroshi" solar panel produces 'up to' 4 Watts.

The "Kalhuohfummi" battery pack capacity is 4.4 Ah at 5V.

That means the battery capacity is 22 Watt-Hours. At 4 Watts it should take 5.5 Hours to fill the battery. Your site says it only takes 4 hours. Which part is wrong?

Hence wanting testers to gather real data rather than what the individual engineers say. Personally, over this summer in Berlin, I consistently got 6.5W from the panel. The manufacturer of the thin film cell says that this is not possible.
However, moot point. No volunteers so far..... Thought free power might have been a good idea :slight_smile:

Hi, just to let you know that the offer is withdrawn. I was given a fixed number of units to use and had such an overwhelming response from the Raspberry Pi community, and such an underwhelming response from the Arduino community that I have none left. Personally, I am doing a project using Arduino and the Changers kit so you may see some related posts on my personal account here, however I would have appreciated external references as well.

Chris Hardaker